Double Shot

About the downfall of one man’s career in industrial espionage.

Double Shot Treatment (spoiler alert)



Double Shot is a story focusing on the fall of a corporate espionage ring lead by Sebastian Cole. Sebastian Cole and his small crew have been enjoying great success in recent years being involved in what is being called, by the media, “the crash of the aerospace industry.” This is where major companies in both aerospace and computer technology alike are closing their doors due to major financial losses through all out war in competition. Sebastian and his crew, Sonya and Lifton, have been posing as information security specialist, in order to get into the targeted companies and eventually rob them of major funds and technology. While Sebastian works primarily on his own, he does answer to one man, Victor Rinaldi, a European multi-billionaire industrialist.

Victor’s passion is to reek havoc against the world’s governments by exploiting what is consider top secret technology to the general public. This is technology that most higher echelons of the government would consider a vehicle for chaos if released in the present time, yet is equally considered conducive for use in the development of top secret military weaponry. This is a paradox that appears to be more of an excuse to justifies Victor’s need to relieve himself of boredom rather than make a social statement. Victor is not seen in the first act, but is well mentioned throughout the act.

One year ago, Tony Pasante, a drug dealer and an informant to the FBI, is planning on delivering information concerning a European business man being responsible for the fall of several aerospace industries. This of course is a threatening nature to his life where he is barricaded himself in a hotel room with two guards. Tony tries to arrange a private flight to Mexico on the phone. All along, a dark dressed man has been hiding in the hotel room. The dark man then kills the two guards and his main target, Tony. The dark man will later be know as the Postman.

One year later, this leads to the latest project in which Sebastian is to take down two companies at the same time instead of one. After getting the contracts for supplying security information, the trick for Sebastian is to create a civil war between the two companies. In this case, ODI (Outer Dynamics Industries) and Unicorn become the new targets in the ever exploded wave of mass industrial extinction. Both companies are up for bids to improve the computer communication systems for nano-technologically based alloy. This new alloy is designed to primarily heal itself due to minor damaging, which will be used on the prototype jet, the A-20. This new plane is a vertical takeoff and landing anti-tank aircraft styled after the Fair-child Republic Company’s jet A-1 0.

Sebastian’s obstacles don’t stop at his profession, but with his relationship to Raquel Cole, his new wife. Raquel is not aware of Sebastian’s true nature of his identity. Raquel thinks that Sebastian is just a Security Specialist. Raquel is more determined to have a stable lifestyle, while Sebastian must struggle with the addiction to his more adventurous yet secret life. Sebastian finds comfort in a close friend and mentor Elijah, a local Long Beach artist. Elijah does not like to talk about his past, but is very open to sharing what he has learned through his experience while he lived Tibetan Buddhism learning martial arts and philosophy. Elijah is dating Cindy, a local Long Beach nude stripper. Cindy is a trouble person who uses drugs in order to escape her
inner problems. Elijah has been like a father to her, which in return, Cindy acts like a daughter to Elijah. Their relationship hasn’t been stable since the beginning.

In another situation, Sebastian has to deal with the paranoia of Mark Bespo, Senior Computer Engineer of ODI. Mark believes that the new securities systems supplied by Sebastian Cole may actually threaten his long and tedious climb at the top of the food chain in his company. Its enough that Mark feels out of control with his family affairs, alcoholic wife and a troubled female teen, but Sebastian’s presence seems to threaten his control of his professional life as well. The only thing saving Sebastian is ODI’s committed feeling that Mark is just paranoid.

As Sebastian continues making his way through obstacles in trying to complete his mission, he is haunted by the shadows of an anti-technological social path who has earned the name The Postman. It appears that the Postman may be following Sebastian because of his recent hits targeting the same companies that Sebastian has financially and technologically injured.

The Postman adds to Sebastian’s dilemma, not only by over shadowing him, but because the FBI has been trying to track down the Postman. Their search eventually leads to Sebastian. The reason why is because the hits made by the Postman usually relates to the
clientele of Sebastian.


This puts Dr. Lane in connection with Special Agent Paul Aldino, a five year veteran of the FBI, who’s been overseeing the case of Tony Pasante’s death, which is over a year old. For Paul, Tony Pasante was an informant with a lot of drug connections. But on a deeper level, the Pasante family has been a long time friend of Paul. This is a personal secret considering that the kind of friendship is a risk to his profession since the Pasante family are a related drug cartel. In any rate, Paul feels indebted to them for they had helped him many ways, both professionally and personally.

This team up of Dr. Lane and Special Agent Aldino leads to narrowing down the fact that the few companies hit by the Postman were at one time or another protected by Sebastian’s bogus security systems business. Eventually, this leads Sebastian to a couple of meetings with the FBI, which is obviously what Sebastian doesn’t want.

ODI tries to buy out Unicorn. However, Unicorn is able to outmaneuver ODI’s buy out, because Woodrow does what is called in business, “The White Knight.”

The main turning hits when Sebastian is going to meet with Woodrow. It is here where Woodrow hints on the fact that he knows the inside story behind Sebastian Cole and Victor Rinaldi. Woodrow explains to Sebastian that Victor may have been behind the buy out attempt on Unicorn. Woodrow also advises Sebastian to bell out, and leave the country. Upon ending their meeting, Woodrow gives
Sebastian an attache case filled with thirty million dollars in bonds.

Sebastian, now in fear of his life, is also concerned about the safety of his now pregnant wife and team members. Without notice, Raquel finds herself rushing to the airport with the escort of Lifton to get out of the United States. Raquel and Lifton are sent to Switzerland for safety while Sonya is left closing out any remaining tracks that lead to the teams connection to ODI. Lifton tells Raquel upon arrival in Switzerland, about Sebastian’s true identity.


Mark and Ted has an argument about the fact that no one listens to Mark. Mark feels that Sebastian is trying to either take over the company or crash it. Ted totally disagrees and feels that Mark is just paranoid. Ted then tells Mark to take a two week vacation. Mark then leaves Ted’s office and goes to a local bar. Sebastian is already at the bar looking at a picture of his wife from his wallet.

Sebastian sees Mark, leaves his bar stool and walks over to Mark. Sebastian begins speaking to Mark about what will probably happen. Sebastian is talking to Mark about his threaten life, but is actually talking about himself. Mark never says a word to Sebastian, but listens very carefully.

ODI has been alerted that there is a bomb threat, everyone has to evacuate the building and the bomb disposal team is on its way. Mark returns to the office, pulls out a gun, and holds every hostage. Sebastian trying to get Sonya out is caught in the middle between the Postman and the Bomb Squad, who is actually led by Captain Bishop and Master Sergeant Ali. This turns out to be a major cross fire between the Postman and the Bomb Squad which leads to Sebastian being saved by the Postman.

The Bomb Squad retreats to complete their mission and bust into the office where Mark is holding hostages. Mark’s presence is a surprise to Bishop and Ali, eventually killing him. The Bomb Squad clears the office, keeping Ted in his office. They get the information they need from Ted and kills him. At the same, the Postman takes Sebastian into the computer room. The Postman begins setting up his explosives and is interrupted by Rex Mason. The final showdown ends up where the Postman kills Rex and finishes the explosive set-up. The Postman reveals his true identity to Sebastian, who is Elijah, Sebastian’s best friend and mentor. Elijah prepares a dead body to take the place of Sebastian’s dead body and tells Sebastian to never return. Sebastian leaves while Elijah remains and the computer room blows.

Sonya and Sebastian are running to their flight. Sonya pushes Sebastian to move forward while she falls behind. That was a good thing because she caught a glimpse of Bishop At the airport. Bishop is unaware that Sebastian is still alive, and he is only after Sonya. Bishop has Sonya’s flight information. While Sebastian is at the plane, Sonya is working to divert Bishop. Sonya asks for help from a security officer. Surprisingly, Bishop is in the terminal past security with a gun visible. Bishop takes a long distance aim at Sonya but she and the guard dodge it. Sonya flees and through the chaos of the crowd, she escapes. It is discovered that Bishop is some sort of government agent and is working cooperatively with local authorities. With local authorities, Bishop is certain that Sonya is on a flight to Switzerland. When they get to the gate, they see a woman that looked similar to Sonya board the plane. In fact, she never boarded the plane after searching it. FBI, Paul Aldino, arrived on the scene and got into a feud with Bishop. It turns out that Sonya booked a flight under her name for two people and had left the info on ODI’s computer according to Dr. Corban Lane, who is also on the scene. However, she made reservations for another flight at another terminal to Florida, where the would meet up with Lifton and Raquel, and eventually fly back to Switzerland. After arguments with his boss, Paul seeks to find answers.

Corban later discovers that Bishop happens to own a night club. Paul goes there asking for Bishop, Paul is told that Bishop would be another three or four hours before he arrives. Being a hard ass, Paul sticks around and ends up conversing with one of the customers, who is an Asian female, Angel. Paul has no idea that this Asian female is working under Bishop and Ali. The conversation gets so hot, Angel asks if Paul wants a blow job. Of course, being the kind of guy Paul is, he goes for it and lets his guard down. The end up in the bathroom in one of the stalls. She starts to unzip his pants, then attacks him taking all of his clothes off searching for wire tap. Paul has no tap, so Bishop enters the stall. Bishop is sympathetic to Paul only as a soldier who needs to know what he’s fighting for.

Victor Rinaldi was putting together an arms deal with the United States. Victor would pay the United States billions of dollars for weapons development by the aerospace companies. But the United States had to hide the fact that it was selling to a potential dictator, so the corporate espionage sting was rigged. Problems developed with Ted Simmons, who was into drugs, and into himself. Because of Ted’s foolishness, his drug supplier and union dock owner Tony Davao found out about the United States agreement with Victor Rinaldi. This led to Tony’s death. Later it was discovered that Tony had a twin brother Sammy Davao, so he had to be killed as well.

No one knows if Elijah survived the explosion in ODI’s computer lab. Sebastian rejoins his wife in Switzerland along with Lifton and Sonya. Victor Rinaldi was ordered to travel back to Scotland. FBI has concluded that the Postman died in the explosion, though there where no body to be found. FBI and Victor Rinaldi thinks that Sebastian died in the computer explosion, due to the evidence of the bogus dead body. At the very end of movie, boots resembling Elijah’s, walks past the screen.

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