Double Shot

About the downfall of one man’s career in industrial espionage.

Idea and History

The Idea and History of Double Shot

SUMMER 1994: Antonio Edward had an idea of a movie about two corporate companies battling each other for the contract of a sophisticated military project. At first, Double Shot was to be a shoot ’em up bang-bang movie. As time develops, the story and premise turned into a more dialogue based, less action story line.

SUMMER 1996: The original story developed from Antonio Edward and Tony Smalls. Due to the complexity of this project, another script was written instead called Westside N ‘Ja scheduled for release in the Summer of 1998. Westside N ‘Ja is a student produced project of Long Beach City College.

FALL 1997: Harry Sumako got involved with this project in September 1997. Since then, the script started developing, having monthly casting parties to maintain the interests in this project. Harry Sumako turned a simple idea into a complex, yet dialogue driven story which audiences of all ages can enjoy. Added to the heavy dialogue story and large cast is a little touch of action which will appeal to the younger audiences.

DOUBLE SHIT has a lot to offer for all ages above age 13. Ages 25 through 60 are the target for DOUBLE SHOT. The idea for an action pack shoot ’em up movie to a more dialogue driven drama was inspired by movies such as, Heat (Warner Bros.) and The Professional (Columbia TriStar).

The corporate espionage idea is inspired by the battle of the Internet browsers between Netscape Corporation and Microsoft Corporation (back in 1996, now think about how Microsoft and Google is battling it out with each other). The idea of using nano-technology is by Harry Sumako.

Get ready for Double Shot.

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