Still in pre-production. At this time, we are organizing and making corrections to the script.

Double Shot is about the downfall of one man’s career in industrial espionage while attempting to take down two major corporations as told through the eyes of his best friend.

Double Shot created by Antonio TwizShiz Edward.
Based on a story by Antonio TwizShiz Edward along with Tony Smalls.
V1 and v2 writer Harry Sumako, co-writer Antonio TwizShiz Edward.
V1 and v2 typed by Antonio TwizShiz Edward, Stacey Carraway, and Jewel Cummings.
V3 writers Antonio TwizShiz Edward and Serenity Alyanna Edward

The original idea from Antonio TwizShiz Edward. From the original idea, co-developed by Tony Smalls. Version 1 and 2 script was written by Harry Sumako.

V3 has been converted to three acts for three seasons, each act with 5-10 short episodes for showcase on social and video networking sites like YouTube. V3 has also been altered to update current technology terminologies, correct jargon, and to be a sequel to Westside N ‘Ja.

Web Series Edition 2013 | Version 3 | WGA# 704743 | http://dshot.biz/

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